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Hi ladies!

My name is Carren Wilson, I live in Rochester, New York.

I’ve never boasted with a good breast size (32B on average), which was a small problem for my self-confidence since teenage years. My body was looking OK for me, except for this part which I considered as not so sexy as the rest.

After giving birth to my 3rd child and lactating I noticed that my boobs became less firm and the shape was a bit more saggy. So I thought it’s not a nice looks for my early 30’s.

I started looking for different solutions, and you know all those trends we have – mammoplasty with breast implants mostly, it’s all we have now.

I initially delved deep into this stuff – looking for celebs who made cosmetic breast augmentation, different options and the costs.

I found that the most solid option was silicone implants, but there were 3 things that made me doubt about this augmentation surgery:

  1. The cost – silicone implants are the most expensive due to their good resistance for traumas and heat. The costs of $3500 and up to $10000 for the surgery is probably OK for celebs and wealthy ladies, but that’s definitely not my case.
  2. The possible side effects and complications – since implants are artificial products and the surgery can pose some unwanted effects, from cosmetic ones like scars, changes in breast and nipples sensations, down to infections, rupture and asymmetries to say the least.
  3. The overall approach – I used to have a nicely-shaped breasts despite their size, and I’m not a proponent to using some unnatural stuff in my body (not a fan of tattoos and all these modern trends in cosmetics).

All of this led me to discovering alternative ways of breast enlargement, and after doing some research I found specific herbal solutions that can effectively boost the body hormones affecting the size of female organs.

I found that some foods contain a lot of phytoestrogens – substances that directly increase the production of estrogen, the main female sexual hormone responsible for our reproductive and overall health.

Also, some herbs being used for centuries in Ayurveda medicine can also positively affect the size and fullness of women’s bust. The most known herb is pueraria mirifica.

So my quest for natural breast enhancement resulted in trying several products on the market that offered a complex approach to enhancing breast.

my package of Breast Actives

From the ones I tested, Breast Actives is the best solution so far. It helped me to boost my cup size from 32B to a full C within 4-5 months of following the program, without any side effects.

On this blog, I share my discoveries and experience about Breast Actives in details, as well as general facts you should know about non-surgical ways of making your breasts bigger and shapelier.

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Wishing you all the best, your confidence is going to skyrocket! 😉