Does Breast Actives Result In The Actual Size Growth?

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Breast Actives have been on the market for a couple of years now and many are the women who rush to dismiss it as yet another insufficient breast enhancement product.

Others however are quick to observe breast becoming richer and attaining a more curvy effect in just a few weeks’ time. So who is to believe?

There’s really no right or wrong. You see everyone responds differently to cosmetic products as different parameters come into play, genes, age, race, current well-being state and much more.

To unvaryingly judge a product’s effectiveness with so many varied and certainly not equal factors is to miss the point.

Unless we were a science team where such parameters are controlled for, then we cannot at least justifiable judge for its effectiveness in a truly objective manner.

Every woman is allowed to her opinion which is respected and appreciated but this in no way can be a generalized argument.



How Many Months Before I See Any Results?

Nonetheless, the general verdict about Breast Actives results is:

  • Positive results start to show within 3-4 months of consistently following the Breast Actives program
  • Breast become shapelier and more lifted
  • Breast size cup goes up from 1 to 2 cup sizes
  • A youthful, plumb, uplifted effect is achieved

Keep in mind that testimonials are not typical, what works wonders for one will leave another woman completely flat-chested. It’s nature’s ways you see.

What I can confirm though from personal use of Breast Actives and from feedback of a friend and my cousin is that the results vary and you need to be really, really patient.

For me it was only after 3 whole months that I could confidently  notice how they’ve become fuller, for my cousin, Ella it was a frustrating 5 and a half months, whilst my lucky friend Sarah get results from the second month of using BA pills and cream.

Here’s what women around the web have to say about Breast Actives, the immediate feeling once gets is of varied, intensely unpredictable results:

“Bigger but more tender to touch, as if I’m on my monthly somehow” Stella Pennington

“Soft, supple breasts but not anywhere near becoming more firm, I must admit to my disappointment”  Maya Devenaul

“I went from 32AA to 32A cup size, it might seem nothing to you, but for me the whole world just got better!” Anonymous

“My breasts seem a bit suppler after 4 months of using the cream. I only got the Breast Actives capsules last month, so I blame the poor results to this.” Rachel Meikle

Other women were disappointed regarding the kit’s effectiveness to make breast bigger, but they did notice some surprisingly positive side effects like libido boost and a milder PMSing.

“My bust size is already a bit fuller, but my self-confidence is definitely sky-high. Should you want an effective alternative to going under the knife, this will do the trick! At least worked for me.”

“It did nothing for me. I didn’t do any of the exercises included though and I don’t know how that might affected the result. Anyway, after 2 months I stopped, all I got was a bit of tenderness and a very imperceptible fullness. Couldn’t say I’m pleased with it.”

“Being flat-chested for my whole life, a subtle fullness and size increase had done wonders to my self-esteem. My boyfriend is having a hard time getting his hands off of me.”

“I was getting nauseated within the first two weeks of taking the Breast Actives pills, however after I started taking them after meals that went away. All that’s left is a juicier, firmer bust. Bear in mind that I’ve been using it for 6 months now and results were really visible only after the 5t. Just be patient!”

How To Get Proven Results With Breast Actives

As the reviews and testimonials above confirm, the results are nothing but typical.

You cannot possibly predict whether it will work for you or not, unless you give it a try.

The women who did have results are more likely the ones who had three attributes:

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Compliance with the 3-step system guidelines

It does take time to see results; I only noticed more supple breasts during the 3rd month of taking the pills, applying meticulously the cream and performing a simple set of exercises.

Just when I was getting frustrated about wasting my money on a fake product, I realized that the whole process is just slower for me.

So yes, it is not guaranteed that your breasts will acquire the size and shape you want quickly and perfectly.

It takes time, but it is definitely worthwhile, given you avoid the cost, health risk and possible medical issues by opting for cosmetic surgery.

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